We offer:

  • Exploring EU markets, collecting price offers
  • Recording all kinds of contracts according to the Czech law
  • Global services for entering the Czech market
  • Establishing contacts in China

Mediation of:

  • Business agents
  • Representatives, collaborators, employees
  • Lawyers, notaries
  • Tax consultants and accountants 
  • Expert witnesses and translators

Legal counselling and services:

  • Setting up businesses in the Czech Rep. and the EU
  • Registrations in the trade register
  • Establishing head offices
  • Creating bank accounts
  • Acting as deputy with Czech authorities 
  • Accompanied negotiations with authorities
  • Social contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Health insurance

Economic consultancy and performing expert activities:

  • investment protection (analyses, risk assessment, profitability, rate of return, forensic investigation, measure proposals, identification of managerial errors and financial evasions, etc.),
  • business management consulting,
    • management (strategic, financial, crisis, procedural, etc.),
    • buyer-supplier relationship (negotiating and fulfilling contracts, etc.),
    • cost optimization, reduction of working capital,
    • rationalization and reorganization (processing reorganization plans, analysis and evaluation of existing plans for solving bankruptcy and subsequent acquisition or stabilization),
    • etc.
  • counselling and processing of expert opinions in connection with economic crime,
    • especially timely identification and protection against financial losses,
    • violation of the obligation to manage foreign property (typically called "embezzlement" by statutory representative),
    • public contracts (input and progress),
    • data falsification on the state of economy,
    • causing bankruptcy and bankruptcy crimes in general (damaging creditors, favouring creditors, etc.),
    • frauds,
    • malpractice,
    • etc.

All services are provided in the form of counselling or performance of expert activities (submission of expert opinions), when the presence of an expert appointed by the court in a counselling activity guarantees the highest quality of service provided./p>

For further information please contact member of our institute, Ing.Jan Zdražil, MBA, email address:jan.zdrazil@znalecka-cinnost.cz